Welcome new employees and unlock their potential

Employee Onboarding, Reimagined ūüĆĪ

Automate away the busy work

So People Teams can be certain the important, small tasks are carried out for every New Hire

Meet employees in Slack

Camino works within your current applications so it's easy to guide the new hire's manager, buddy, and teammates.

Central Task Management for HR Teams

Ensure critical onboarding tasks are completed

Slack-based Interactions

Managers, Buddies, and teammates plan for the new hire via slack

Powerful Integrations

We are expanding our integrations everyday!

Quickly deploy expert-designed and proven onboarding programs

Customized Automation Workflows

Automate required reminders, emails, messages, scheduling, and tasks with all stakeholders

Camino Onboarding Library

Quickly build out an impactful onboarding program using our expert built library!

Support from L&D Experts

Access our team of experts to answer your questions, review content, and build a great onboarding program!


Focus on what matters

Automation Workflows

Pre-define a series of reminders, emails, messages, assigned tasks, and scheduled events with all stakeholders, including managers, buddies, new hires and HR. Ensure every new hire and their support crew complete the necessary steps for a successful onboarding.

Expanded Reach

Use our tools to enable, engage and hold accountable frontline teams and managers. We support people teams to empower others to build the culture and experiences that drive company success.

Quick & Custom Onboarding Plans

Camino guides managers through preparing high quality, personalized onboarding plans using predefined templates, and can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Get started in under 15 minutes

Reach out to get started with an account! For more information on getting started, including how to install Camino into your slack workspace, please visit our Slack + Camino Page or visit our docs.

Integrate Camino with your ATS

Auto import new hires and automatically kick off onboarding automations

Add Camino to your slack workspace

Camino integrates closely with slack. To see how to connect it, visit our docs here

Select a Prebuilt Onboarding Path and get going quickly

Our pre-built email, message and task templates get you started in no time

Interested? Reach out!